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Welcome to LAW! We rescue and rehome dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and many other animals when they find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. We have a no-kill policy. The animals remain in our care until we find the right homes for them.


Become a member and you can help some of our animals by becoming a member of LAW.
Join via paypal or visit us on our facebook page and download an application form to fill, or simply save the above form, print, sign and return to us along with your membership fee.
Return address
Limerick Animal Welfare, Moorestown, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick.

Animals for rehoming are cared for at our Field of Dreams Sanctuary in Kilfinane, County Limerick (phone 063 91110). Visitors are welcome Monday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm. We also have two shops in Limerick City. Our shop on Parnell Street is open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. The shop welcomes offers of good quality clothing and many other items for sale, which in turn helps to fund our Sanctuary. Our second shop, on 51 Roches Street, opened 1st December 2010. We are in the process of expanding our facilities in The Field of Dreams Sanctuary, Kilfinane, so that we can help even more animals. Come and visit us sometime. We have many dogs who would like to accompany you on a walk on our grounds and some ponies, goats and pigs who love visitors. We also welcome educational school visits which can be arranged by ringing the sanctuary. If you would like to volunteer your services, we would love to hear from you, whether you just want to walk a dog or help with painting and general maintenance. Every little helps to place another animal in a safe secure home. Call or come and visit us soon.


We have an animal sanctuary in the beautiful Ballyhoura Hills where we keep over 200 animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, horses and donkeys.
To become a volunteer with LAW you need to be over 16 years old. We have induction days every Monday and Tuesday when Anna with take you through all aspects of feeding, cleaning, and care giving to the animals.
How do you become a volunteer? Firstly give us a ring on 087 6371044 during office hours and we will make an appointment for you to come to the sanctuary.
On arrival you will need to view our health and safety video and the staff will tell you about the fire regulations. You will then fill a volunteer form. Training will be given by senior staff who will show you the correct way to care give, feed the animals and clean in the kennels.
As you advance you will learn how we examine the animals on entry, how we treat the dogs for fleas & worms and how we vaccinate and give kennel cough.
For those who are very interested in the welfare of animals, the volunteering programme will be a friendly and education experience.
We also have dog walking volunteers who come just to walk dogs. This is also a great help to the dogs who have had operations and need careful controlled walks.
Please contact us on 087 6371044 and we will book you in for training as a volunteer with LAW.


This will give us a professional base at our Sanctuary in Kilfinane, Co. Limerick. The centre of the building on site will be the first part to be completed, giving us a reception area, office and veterinary room. These facilities will be invaluable to LAW.
The outside of the building will be cleared, roadway and footpaths will be put down. Electrics and heating will be installed.
A visitors centre, remembrance garden and picnic area will also be in place. This will give us a much more visitor friendly facility where the general public and tours can come to visit. A talk and power point presentation on the welfare of animals and the work involved in rescue will be on site. General visitors can spend an afternoon in a pleasant environment and enjoy refreshments in our visitors centre. We are open seven days a week and expect with this part of the facility in place it will bring a lot more people to LAW. How can you help?

We are appealing to our supporters to set up a monthly standing order to help us cope with our every increasing bills. Did you know that as little as 10.00 euro a month can help us greatly? No amount is too small. We need your help today. For a standing order form, please email us at

If you are a company who would like to get involved, please phone us on 063 91110 or email us

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Our Bank Account Details:
Account Number 89515042
Sort Code 90-43-09
Address Bank of Ireland, 125 O'Connell Street, Limerick
IBAN: IE35BOFI90430989515042
Paper form: IE35 BOFI 9043 0989 5150 42

You can also donate online - click the Donate Button below.

 via paypal


Limerick animal Welfare have two shops, one is situated at 59 Parnell Street (opposite the train station) and the second at 28 William Street, Limerick.
Please help stock out shops...we need good quality clothing, curtains and bedding. Paintings, collectables, jewellery, furniture and bric-a-brac.
You may have some fashion pieces which would like to donate, hats, scarves, handbags and facinators and hair pieces.
All will be very welcome at any of our shops.
Thank you for supporting your local charity.


HELP! OUR WASHING MACHINE HAS BROKEN DOWN AND NOW OUR DRYER HAS ALSO DECIDED TO PACK UP. This leaves us with just one domestic washing machine and a tiny dryer to do laundry for approx 160 animals on a daily basis.
If anyone can help we will be ever so grateful. We are in dire need at present....


We are working non stop to try and unite lost dogs with owners but this work which takes up countless hours outside the working day could be avoided if owners took responsibility and cared enough for their pets. PLEASE put an I.D. tag with your number on your dog and microchip if at all possible. Rescue space is precious and sadly we are not in a position to take in the countless stray dogs who have no identification on them. For just a couple of Euro and you don't even have to leave you house, you can order these great tags online. Click here to order Tags

No Holidays for Greyhounds travelling to Spain

Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland (GRAI) is concerned that Irish greyhounds are being bought up at greyhound sales to be exported to Spain for racing. Spokesperson for GRAI, Andrea Lynch, reported ‘ Just recently Spanish buyers were seen at the Thurles Sales buying 20 Greyhounds, which are now kenneled somewhere in Co. Tipperary. We have been informed that when their passports are in order they will be transported to Southern Spain, Estremadura. Estremadura has a very bad history of abusing Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds). It is big hunting country. An oval track has been built but is not yet licensed so no official betting is allowed. However, it is likely that racing will start as soon as the dogs are in place’.
In the present climate more Irish greyhounds are likely to be exported to Spain as demand for them decreases in Ireland and breeders and trainers look for new markets.
The Government introduced greyhound welfare legislation in Ireland in 2010 to protect racing greyhounds yet these dogs are being sent to a country where no such legislation exists, to a country with poor animal welfare standards and one with a track record of abusing greyhounds (Galgos).
GRAI spokesperson Una Phelan added ‘ We can’t allow Irish greyhounds to be exported to this country for short financial gain by some breeders, owners and trainers. This is the 21st century and barbaric practices, such as the abuse of Spanish greyhounds should not be encouraged or endorsed by the Irish Government by allowing Irish greyhounds to be sent to this country, where they may face the same fate.
Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland (GRAI) are urgently calling on Minister Simon Coveney to reject any export licences required to enable these unfortunate greyhounds to be exported to Spain. GRAI are also calling on anyone concerned about the fate of these greyhounds to
sign the petition.
For further information please contact:
Andrea Lynch
PR Officer for GRAI

Phone number 063 91110 Mobile 087 6371044


Would you would like to leave a gift to help sick, stray and abandoned animals when you leave this world ?

How can you leave money to Limerick Animal Welfare?
Consult a solicitor:
It is much safer if you pay an expert a small fee to draw up your Will. A solicitor will make sure that your last wishes are clearly expressed and that your Will is properly set out and witnessed. Your solicitor will need a clear name of the charity “Limerick Animal Welfare” , to which you wish to leave your chosen gift.

EMAIL: Send Mail

Below are the details your solicitor will need:
Name and address: Limerick Animal Welfare Ltd., Moorestown, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick
Charity Number CHY 11598
Tel No: 063 91110 or 087 6371044
LAW Bank Account Details:
Account Number 89515042
Sort Code 90-43-09
Address Bank of Ireland, 125 O'Connell Street, Limerick
IBAN: IE35BOFI90430989515042
Paper form: IE35 BOFI 9043 0989 5150 42
Help Us, Leave a Legacy of Love and Hope

Limerick Animal Welfare - 063-91110 - 087-6371044 - CHARITY NUMBER - CHY 11598


LAW are receiving more and more calls for help with animals and seeing a frightening large numbers of animals abandoned and needing veterinary care, Funding is down as we all are finding things harder and harder to manage with austerity in Ireland. We are trying to help as many as we can even with an overflowing sanctuary, so this new fund is being set up for what we call Emergencies. We will update with the animals this fund has been used to help and would ask if anyone can spare any funds at all to please help us help the animals. Thank you all again for your continued support.

Robert was straying in a village for weeks abd finally we got a call about him. The gentleman calling said this dog arrived at his house and he put a lead on him but needed some help with him because he had something wrong with his leg. After questioning the caller we asked him to bring the dog to us.
On arrival we had to take the lurcher to the vet immediatly, Robert as we now call him, was exhausted and in severe pain.
He received pain relief and then had an x-ray which showed that his hip has been dislocated for some time.
Robert now needs an operation to repair the damage and we need your help to pay for it.
There are many ways you can donate:
Drop into one of our shops on Parnell Street or Roches Street in Limerick City where you can donate
You can also call to the sanctuary or send us a donation made payable to Limerick Animal Welfare. Our postal address is, Limerick Animal Welfare, Moorestown, Kilfinane, Co Limerick.
Our Bank Account Details:Name of Account {LIMERICK ANIMAL WELFARE}
Branch: Limerick - 125 O'Connell Street
Sort Code: 90 - 43 - 09
Account Number: 89515042
IBAN: IE35BOFI90430989515042
Paper form: IE35 BOFI 9043 0989 5150 42

SET UP A MONTHLY STANDING ORDER: We are appealing to our supporters to set up a monthly standing order to help us cope with our every increasing bills. Did you know that as little as 5.00 euro a month can help us greatly in our efforts to help the growing number of animals in our care? No amount is too small. We need your help today. For a standing order form, please email us at with your name and address and we will send you a direct debit to fill out and return Using your mobile phone, Text the words " donate law " to 57777 and €3 will go to help the animals.
Donate via PayPal

Horses for Rehoming

LAW have many horses, large and small looking for good homes. Many would make good companions for your own horse. Many have come from difficult situations and need to learn that people can be kind and they will always be fed and have a plentyful supply of water at all times, these are the basics they never had at the hands of cruel owners. A home check is required and a shelter should be in place for the homechecker to see. All our horse are castrated and microchipped and have passports. None will be used for breeding and will always remain in the ownership of LAW for life.
Please ring us at LAW for more information on 063 91110. or

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ADOPTION FEE is 200 EURO for each of our horses.

If you love cats, check out our Cats for rehoming under the REHOMING section on the left hand side of the page.
You can also donate canned cat food to help feed the cats in our care. Cans can be dropped into the sanctuary or any of our shops on Parnell St. or Roches St.Thank you.


Limerick Animal Welfare would like to thank Burns Pet Foods, C&M VETLINK PLC and MAXIZOO for their continued support of LAW


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Would like to have a rememberance bench in the sanctuary in memory of a loved one or in memory of a devoted pet ?
For a donation of €200 and we can get a very rugged bench made, see photo above, the bench is very sturdy and hand made.
A personalised plaque can also be sent to the Sanctuary which will be screwed onto your own bench. Plaques can be ordered at most jewellers or online at
We now have four benches around the sanctuary and hope to add more. These benches will be placed at different locations within the grounds where visitors can take a rest or picnic while viewing the animals.
For more information on how to order or any question,
please call us on:
063 91110
or email:

EMAIL: Send Mail

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If you find injured or abandoned wildlife please visit the following websites or contact your local rescue for advice and help.
Animal Magic
Irish Wildlife Matters

Guided Tours

Guided tours are welcome to the Sanctuary and anyone interested in visiting with a group, please contact us on 063 91110 to arrange a visiting date & time. We also arrange Educational school visits with slide show, talk and question time.


Many people are still confused as to what we mean by a fully-enclosed back garden. In simple terms, it means your garden must be "dog-proof" so that the dog cannot get out and run loose. Only a walled or suitably fenced garden (no chicken wire) high enough to prevent the dog jumping out will pass one of our homechecks.

A hedge will not do on its own because a determined dog will force its way through or under a hedge. We rely on volunteers to do homechecks for us - please don't waste their time. Before you reserve one of our dogs, do what ever work is needed to ensure your garden will fulfil our requirements. We cannot accept a dog run or invisible fence system as a substitute for a secure boundary. Please understand that we insist on these criteria purely for the dogs' sake. A lot of the dogs in our care end up with us because they've wandered away from home. In many cases, these dogs suffer severe injuries in road traffic accidents while they are roaming, and LAW are left to pick up the pieces. By law it is your duty to ensure that your dog remains on your property and is not allowed out in public unsupervised. LAW promotes responsible dog ownership. We must ensure that our dogs will be safe in their new homes.


LAW recommends dog behaviourist Mark (Alpha K9 trainers).

Mark has helped many dogs with problems who have come into our care and with his help these dogs have gone on to find successful homes. Who's the boss in your house? Does your dog take you for a walk?? Is your dog agressive or fearful of strangers??? Mark says " I can come to your home and train you on how to train your dog. Contact me on 085 7377567 and I promise you'll see improved behaviour after the first visit!!! "

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